About Us


When you select a "Area of Practice" menu item above the drop-down menu will lead you to the attorneys that practice that area of law. Then you should review the biography of the attorney(s), link to that attorney's website, and decide if you want to initiate contact with them. If you wish to initiate contact, either call the attorney at the indicated telephone number or select the "Contact Me" button on that attorney's page. Email the attorney with the general category of concern (i.e. a will, probate matter, divorce, general litigation, etc.) including your name, address and telephone number. Unless the attorney is out of town, they will call you or respond to our email within one business day to discuss your general situation and schedule an initial consult.


Please do not volunteer your situation in your email or in the initial telephone all. You cannot create an involuntary attorney-client relationship with any attorney by volunteering information that is not requested by the attorney. You create an attorney-client relationship when the attorney solicits personal information from you. You have a contract with an attorney, which can be an oral contract, when the attorney agrees to provide a service for a fee.

Sometimes an attorney will be brought a set of circumstances by a client that indicates to the attorney that a different practice area is required. Under these circumstances the attorney may suggest other attorneys or law firms that may be better suited to the client's needs.

Initial consults are conducted by the attorneys and not by paralegal staff. Paralegal staff will provide services such as document preparation and arranging appointments with the attorney.